Career & Technical Education (CTE) Awareness Month

young student with disabilities chopping vegetables in an industrial kitchen

One of the goals of the Think College Inclusive Higher Education Network is to share best practices for improving inclusive postsecondary education, including assisting in the expansion of institutions of higher education offering access for students with intellectual disability. Currently, there are few targeted resources aimed at developing inclusive postsecondary education programs at career and technical education (CTE) institutions and programs.

The Think College Network is partnering with the Florida Center for Students with Unique Abilities to establish the CTE Collaborative Workgroup in order to expand CTE access for students with intellectual disability!

FCSUA was selected to lead the CTE Collaborative Workgroup as they have supported the development of 11 inclusive postsecondary education programs at CTE institutions which enables students with intellectual disability to attain industry certifications and technical careers, more than any other state.

The CTE Collaborative Workgroup will bring together experts in the field to assess current practices as well as to gather existing and develop new resources to support increased opportunities in CTE for students with intellectual disability. The workgroup will also gather strategies from successful inclusive postsecondary education implementation efforts at CTE institutions. The CTE workgroup will include representatives from the Association on Career and Technical Education, state and district-level CTE directors, technical and state college representatives, special education directors, and transition professionals. Interested in becoming involved in a collaborative workgroup? Contact us for more information.

Did you know that February is CTE Awareness month?

Join us in celebrating the value of CTE and successful CTE programs across the nation. The FCSUA has been sharing CTE-related student success stories on the FCSUA Facebook page throughout February in celebration of CTE Awareness month! Also, be sure you check out some new CTE resources available in the Think College Resource Library.

In honor for CTE Awareness Month, we wanted to share a few CTE facts.

Did you know:

  • CTE offers students a cost-effective path to a career in one or two years?

  • Students may begin CTE coursework as early as middle school?

  • Students who engage in secondary CTE programming are more likely to pursue some form of postsecondary education after high school?

  • There are 16 Career Clusters in the National Career Clusters Framework which represent 79 Career Pathways?

Photo: Jason, a student at Lively Technical College in Tallahassee, FL