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This month, we’re happy to share two new publications with you. Dr. Kelly Kelley write a new How To Think College publication on housing, Developing Inclusive Residential Living on College Campuses. It will be a helpful tool to use with staff and faculty interested in inclusive postsecondary education programs. There is also a new publication from our research team at the National Coordinating Center on retention, called First-Year Retention Rate of Students Attending Institutions of Higher Education via a TPSID Program

Additionally, the Think College Transition team has produced two new publications. The first, The Think College Transition Model: Developing Inclusive College-based Transition Services for Students with Intellectual Disability and Autism, describes the development and effectiveness of this transition model. The other describes an exciting research project that the team undertook with some student researchers; this one is called Put Yourself on the Map: Inclusive Research With and By College Students with Intellectual Disability/Autism

And in case you missed previous news, these publications are also recent: Access to the Disability Supports Office by Students with Intellectual Disability in TPSID Programs is a new Fast Fact written by staff from the Think College National Coordinating Center. This Fast Fact examines data from the model demonstration projects focused on how many college students with disabilities access the Disability Supports Office (DSO), and what services they receive from the DSO. The other publication, Think College Wyoming: A Rural State Perspective, describes how this large rural state provides access to higher education for students with disabilities and reviews what’s going well and what could use some work.

Finally, we would like to encourage you to visit our Resource Library. With the new website, we re-categorized just about every resource in there. You can sort by topics such as Campus Membership, Program Planning, Student Supports, Academic Access, Paying for College, and more. You can also find a wide range of product types, like journal articles, webinars, tools and templates, legislation, and all the Think College Publications. Having trouble finding what you want? Do you have a resource to recommend for our library? Feel free to contact Rebecca Lazo with your ideas and suggestions.