Check out the new Employment Partnerships Affinity Group

The Employment Partnership Affinity Group is an open-access group for individuals who want to learn about successful systems-level employment partnership collaborations between institutions of higher education, vocational rehabilitation (VR) agencies, developmental disability (DD) agencies, and employers that support students with intellectual disability to go to college. 

The Employment Partnerships Affinity Group is facilitated by Jaclyn Camden, assistant director for Center on Transition Innovations and director of the inclusive postsecondary education program, ACE-IT in College. Jaclyn is also chair of the Employment Partnerships Collaborative Workgroup, an activity of the Think College Inclusive Higher Education Network.

This first meeting of the affinity group will be a “kick off” meeting to share the purpose of the affinity group and will include background information on the focus of employment partnerships through the Think College Inclusive Higher Education Network and the Employment Partnerships collaborative workgroup. There will also be time for discussion to gather participant feedback which will be used to inform future meetings.

The first meeting will be held on November 29, 2022 at 2pm ET. 

Think College’s affinity groups focus on topics related to higher education for students with intellectual disability. Meetings are primarily online, and new members are always welcome. Each group gives members a forum for exchanging knowledge, and for problem-solving based on people's experiences. These groups can break down networking, communication, and organizational barriers, and extend each member’s range of contacts and knowledge.

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