College Search Updates: Deadline Extended!

It's time for the annual program update!

Think College's College Search is the only directory of college programs for students with intellectual disability in the United States. Every year, we ask all the programs in the directory to update their information.  We spent a lot of hours in January reaching out to the college programs and are happy to say 75% have updated their info. We'd love to hear from the last 25% so we extended the deadline to Feb. 24.

If you have not yet completed your annual program update for our College Search, do it NOW! Check your email for a request from Think College’s Shelby Bates that includes a link to a Qualtrics survey asking for updates. Don’t see it? Check your spam folder or reach out to Shelby at Shelby and others are here to help people who have questions about the survey, and reminding programs to take 15 minutes or so to make sure that their information on our website, which is visited by thousands of people each month, is as accurate as possible. We know that students and their parents rely on this information to make important decisions about what college programs to apply to, so we take this job very seriously!

Hot Tip: You can tell how recently a program was updated by finding the date on the right corner right under the program description in each program record. Let’s get all those dates updated to 2023!