Congratulations, Class of 2019!

2019 College graduates

There is no possible way to individually acknowledge all the stories, photos, and announcements about students with intellectual disabilities graduating from college this Spring - but we sure wish we could.

We at Think College couldn’t be happier to see the high volume of college success stories for students with intellectual disability. There are students attending college with their siblings, students who are the first person with intellectual disability in college or university history to graduate, and students who have jobs lined up post-graduation. They’ll be living in the community, in a place of their choosing, working at a job they want to do.

Students have gathered groups of fellow students to petition for the right to participate in campus-wide commencement ceremonies. And they’ve won that right. Surely, they are elated to have achieved such success. We sure are proud of them.

It wasn’t that long ago that Think College was just starting its work to establish and support inclusive postsecondary opportunities for students with intellectual disability. Parents, students, educators, advocates… teams of people have contributed to this growing movement and now there are more than 6000 students attending 265 programs in 49 states.

Congratulations once again to all the students attending college, and especially to those who completed their course of study and are moving on to the next phase of their life.

(Pictured in the photo collage, clockwise from upper right: Inclusive Education Services at University of Central Florida, Mississippi State University ACCESS, Lipscomb University IDEAL Program, and University of Kentucky.)