COVID-Related Guidance from Federal Student Aid

Are you an approved Comprehensive Transition Program (CTP) or a student attending an approved CTP?  If you are, then you will be interested in reading this recent guidance issued by Federal Student Aid at the US Department of Education related to interruptions of study related to Coronavirus (COVID-19) (Updated June 16, 2020).  For CTP programs and their students, the most important guidance addresses the use of distance education, since CTP programs are, under normal circumstances, prohibited from operating as an exclusively on-line program. 

At this time, because of the importance of providing continuity of instruction to students, the Department is temporarily waiving the requirement limiting CTP programs to students physically attending the institution. Approved CTP programs will be eligible to serve students via distance education as long as the Department is offering expanded distance learning flexibilities to Title IV-eligible programs. And since the distance education flexibilities have recently been expanded to include payment periods that begin on or between March 5, 2020, and December 31, 2020, this will allow approved CTP programs to provide instruction via distance learning in the fall.

Please review all guidance related to this subject in the Electronic Announcement found HERE.

We encourage institutions to visit the Department’s Coronavirus webpage on this topic frequently, as they will post updates as they become available.