Hot off the Presses: Two New Journal Articles Written by Think College Team Members

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In “Predictors of Inclusive Course Enrollments in Higher Education by Students With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities,” published in the journal Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Clare Papay, Meg Grigal, Debra Hart, Ngai Kwan, and Frank Smith analyzed data on federally-funded TPSID programs to identify factors that predict the number of inclusive courses taken by students. Significant predictors were the age of the student, whether the student attended a program that offered access to regular student advising or provided an official transcript, whether the student took any specialized courses, and whether the student had a paid job or participated in particular career development experiences. Recommendations that emerged from this study include that programs should continually reflect on barriers to inclusive course access and ensure that they align with existing structures to ensure the greatest degree of inclusion for their students.

In a special issue of the journal New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education (NDACE), Meg Grigal and Clare Papay contributed an article on “The Promise of Postsecondary Education Students With Intellectual Disability.” NDACE is a journal for adult education practitioners and scholars to explore important topics and trends that connect research to practice. The Winter 2018 issue introduces readers of NDACE to supports for transition for students with disabilities, with contributions from experts in the field of transition on topics such as self-determination, legislation impacting secondary transition, and facilitating college supports. Meg and Clare’s contribution provides an overview of inclusive postsecondary education for students intellectual disability and highlights emerging practices and and promising research.