In case you missed us at DCDT...

Photos of Think College staff at DCDT

It was a good, productive trip for Think College staff to Milwaukee for the Division on Career Development and Transition (DCDT) conference! With the highest attendance in some time, we were particularly thrilled to have several sessions and poster presentations to spread the word about postsecondary options for students with intellectual disability.

Staff from the National Coordinating Center had several presentations focused on why it’s important for students with intellectual disability to have access to college and what the national picture looks like right now. Meg Grigal, Debra Hart, and Clare Papay spoke to a full room about how students currently enrolled in TPSID programs are doing—and the news was good! Finally, Clare and Meg presented practical strategies for transition professionals to help students with intellectual disability to explore college options.

From the Think College Transition project, Maria Paiewonsky and Nancy Hurley presented on the outcomes of students in inclusive community college programs, and Carole also shared data on customized employment for students with intellectual disability. Finally, from the Transition Leadership Program, Maria spoke on the importance of collaboration for the transition specialist scholars.

Be sure to access DCDT 2017 presentation materials if you missed any of these presentations, and keep track of our other conference travel this fall, as well!