Inclusive Postsecondary Education Credential Guidance Series

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This Florida IPSE Credential Guidance Brief Series was developed in 2019 by the Florida Consortium on Inclusive Higher Education (FCIHE) in collaboration with Community and State Agencies through an FCIHE Work Group and the FCIHE Credential Steering Committee. This series is the result of 4 years of work, research, and experience in developing and helping other institutions develop inclusive postsecondary education (IPSE) programs, programs of study, and the pursuant credentials. The series is directed specifically to secondary educators; transition specialists, ESE directors, and postsecondary educators; faculty, student disability office personnel, and IPSE program staff. Additionally, briefs #1 through #4 provide information that students and families should find very useful. In this recorded conference session, the authors describe the process and the tools.   

The Credential Brief Series is available in the Think College Resource LIbrary.