Looking for Help Managing the Transition Process?

Front cover of the book Navigating the Transition from High School to College for Students with Disabilities

Look no further! There’s a new resource edited by Meg Grigal and Debra Hart (Principal Investigators of Think College) and Joseph Madaus (University of Connecticut) and Lyman L. Dukes III (University of South Florida, St. Petersburg). Navigating the Transition from High School to College for Students with Disabilities addresses the ever-expanding options for students with a range of disabilities preparing to leave high school. With content that addresses the best preparation strategies for any student and critical partnerships for college success, readers get all the information they need to make good decisions.



"I highly recommend that every high school transition specialist have access to this book."  —Dr. Paul Wehman, Virginia Commonwealth University

"The strength of the text is the incredible array of teacher, student, and family resources and tools that can be used in the long-term planning and preparation for the transition to college or university for all students with disabilities." —Dr. David W. Test, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Perhaps one of the best features of this book is the inclusion of student voices. In the first chapter, the reader gets the authentic perspectives of 9 young adults with disabilities who are or were college students. These college students also contributed to a student resource included with this book, an outstanding guide to share with students preparing for college. The book also includes user friendly resources, including vignettes, research summaries, and hands-on activities. 

This new transition book has it all-- student and educator voices, overview of legislation and policy, strategies that can be implemented right away, keys to successful collaboration, and an entire section of resources just for students. This book will be perfect for courses like Transition Planning & Service Delivery, Community Resources and Collaboration in Special Education, and more; and it will be available just in time for fall courses!