New Inclusive Campus Life Affinity Group and a Tech & UDL Makeover!

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Way back in 2017, the NCC created affinity groups as a place for people with common interests to gather to discuss, share, and collaborate on key issues and topics related to inclusive postsecondary education. We kicked off with 3 groups and this month we added our ninth (Inclusive Campus Life) and gave another (Technology & UDL) a bit of a makeover.

Inclusive Campus Life

Attending college is as much about belonging and engaging with the college community as it is about academic learning. Students with ID who engage in campus life activities and events are more likely to succeed in their academics and complete their programs, but engagement might be easier said than done. Students often need extra support to find, schedule, and attend inclusive events and activities. College program staff and others can provide that support.

The Inclusive Campus Life Affinity Group will address what it takes to support a student to engage in inclusive campus life. Facilitated by Lindsay Krech, director of Campus Life and Student Supports at Next Steps at Vanderbilt University, staff from inclusive postsecondary college programs across the country are invited to talk about best practices in supporting students to have an inclusive campus experience.

The first ICL group meets October 29 from 1-2pm ET on Zoom (meeting room link). The agenda is available now (agenda link). For future dates, visit the ICL webpage on ThinkCollege.Net.

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More about the ICL facilitator: Lindsay Krech holds a Master’s of community development degree from Vanderbilt University and is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Higher Education Leadership and Administration from Vanderbilt. Previously, she worked in career development for Next Steps at Vanderbilt and in community outreach roles for the Vanderbilt Center for Nashville Studies, Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, and Habitat for Humanity.


Technology & UDL Affinity Group: Groundbreaking Technology Demonstrations Coming Your Way!

Lori Cooney, universal design specialist for Think College is expanding the team of Technology & UDL Affinity Group facilitators to give participants an even more engaging and unique perspective on technology & universal design. Joining the group is Olivia Hester and Don McMahon. Over the next year, these incredibly innovative co-facilitators will showcase cutting-edge technology & UDL strategies during the one-hour bi-monthly meetings. Starting off the line-up will be communication and collaboration tools where participants will discover VR (virtual reality), mindmapping, and “almost-in person meetings.” The next Tech & UDL group meets November 4, 2021, from 3-4pm ET on Zoom (meeting room link). The agenda is available now (agenda link). For future dates, visit the Technology & UDL Affinity Group Page.


More about the new co-facilitatorsProfile image of Olivia and Don.Dr. Olivia Hester is a research assistant professor at the University of Alabama. Prior to working at Alabama, she served as the program director for Aggie ACHIEVE at Texas A&M University. Dr. Hester’s research interest includes assistive technology and augmented reality for youth with disabilities in transition. Dr. Don McMahon is an Associate Professor of Special Education at Washington State University in Pullman, WA. His research interests include augmented reality, virtual reality, inclusive postsecondary education, wearable devices, universal design for learning, assistive technology, and instructional technology. He is one of the faculty mentors for the WSU ROAR postsecondary education program for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities at Washington State University.

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