New publications on Paying for College

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While some families are taking vacation, enjoying some down time, and having fun, for others summer is the time to plan for college: visiting campuses, preparing applications, and of course, figuring out how to pay for it. We have resources for just about every aspect of preparing for college and are thrilled to share some brand new publications to help make it easier.

Paying for College: Exploring Funding Sources for an Inclusive Postsecondary Education Program reviews information about a variety of possible funding sources that students and their families can consider as they determine what will work for their specific situations. This brief summarizes 10 different sources of funding for college for students with intellectual disability:

  • Federal financial aid
  • Scholarships
  • Medicaid waiver funds
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Veterans Affairs (VA) Education Benefits/GI Bill
  • Loans
  • Social security
  • Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
  • Family funds
  • Student contributions

New this year is Scholarships for Students with Intellectual Disabilities-2022 Edition. This publication provides information on 20 scholarships, with guidance on how to find others in your area; it will be updated annually.

Certain Veterans Affairs educational benefits may be available for use by students with intellectual disability who are dependents of veterans to pay for college. Students with Intellectual Disabilities Accessing Veterans Affairs (VA) Education Benefits for Survivors and Dependents (Chapter 35) provides basic information and resources that help students and programs understand what is necessary to take advantage of this VA funding opportunity.

If all of this leaves you wanting more, or you prefer to watch or hear about paying for college, check out the webinar from May 2022 called Paying For College, in which Cate Weir reviews 10 options to explore when paying for college.