NEW: Tips & Takeaways Resources on Current, COVID-related Issues

In March 2020, COVID-19 quickly shut down much of the United States, forcing schools to send staff and students home and begin a new task for most: distance learning. For college students with intellectual disability, this sudden shift posed unique challenges—and for the staff who support them, as well. Staff at Think College quickly realized it could be helpful to give the college program staff a forum to share information, discuss critical topics, and just support one another, so we started hosting weekly meetings. We talked about supporting students’ social and emotional needs, how to continue access to core academic content remotely, how to provide employment supports online, communicating with families, and more. Program staff from around the country were quick to share tips and resources that were working for them, and now we are sharing them with you. These tip sheets were created from the meeting recordings and there are numerous links to external resources that might be helpful to you; they are linked in this article and can be found in the Think College resource library.