Open an Application

man in wheelchair typing on a laptop


Individuals who are interested in the University of Massachusetts Boston Transition Leadership program can open an online application through the UMass Boston Online course catalog page.   Applications are accepted all year, and individuals can return to upload additional documentation here as well.  The deadline for receipt of applications is June 1 each year.

Once an application is uploaded, a graduate admissions evaluator is assigned to the applicant. Individuals can contact the Graduate Admissions office to learn who their admissions evaluator is by contacting the UMB Office of Graduate Studies and Admissions by callling 617.287.6400 or emailing



The following documentation is required for the UMB Transition Leadership application:

Letter of Intent. This letter must clearly explain the applicant’s reasons for pursing a graduate study in the field of Transition Leadership.

College Transcripts with Grade Point Average. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required for admission to the program. (Applicants will need to submit both undergraduate and graduate transcripts.)

Letters of Recommendation. Two letters of recommendation must be submitted by persons who are knowledgeable about supporting students with disabilities, who have worked closely with the applicant, and who have direct knowledge of the applicant’s transition skills and academic performance.

Any related professional license documentation. For applicants who intend to pursue a state or national transition specialist certification, submit specific license documentation that certifies that the applicant is an initially licensed special educator, school guidance counselor, school social worker, school adjustment counselor or vocational rehabilitation counselor.

Writing Sample. A writing sample indicating the applicant’s ability to write in a clear, concise, and professional manner is needed. This sample may be in the form of a recent term paper.