Raise Awareness of College Options

Screenshot of 3 new publications in the We Can Think College series

When it comes to making sure that parents, teachers and students know about college options, these new We Can Think College publications! can't be beat.  They are designed to highlight the most compelling facts and figures to share with teachers, parents, and students alike. Each publication features quotes and research relevant to a particular audience that shows that college is possible for students with intellectual disability. On the back of each publication, readers can find guidance to resources on the Think College website to help support the college experience for all students!

Parents: your child can learn things you never thought possible. Really. Find out more on our Family Resources page and search our database of college programs to see what might be right for your son or daughter. 

Teachers: did you know that over 5500 students with intellectual disability are attending college in the US and Think College has lots of resources for you to support students through transition to college. 

Students: you can go to college and take classes, participate in clubs, live in a dorm, and try out different work opportunities! Read other students' stories to learn more, or you could watch our video, Rethinking College

Visit our website to download these great new resources and feel free to share widely!