Resource Question of the Month: April 2022

Each month, the NCC features a question received by our Technical Assistance (TA) team in our monthly newsletter. In 2021, the team answered 600 inquiries from parents, teachers, students, administrators, program staff, guidance counselors, and friends. If you have a question about inclusive postsecondary education, email us at

This month's question:

I'm an assistant professor at a university and I’d really like to create some academic opportunities for students in our community with intellectual disability. We currently have no programs and I am seeking information about how to get moving in that direction. I came across the website and so I am reaching out to ask for help in developing an inclusive postsecondary program for students with ID. 


It was so good to speak to you this week. I am really excited to hear about the possibility of your university developing an inclusive postsecondary education program (IPSE).  I know you are at the very, very beginning stages and hopefully, the resources below and a few contacts will give you some initial direction.

Let's talk again when you are ready.

 As I mentioned, I'm sharing  preliminary resources for you and a few programs that you might like to visit or speak to. Here is a CTP template, which is based off of the HEOA CTP requirements and the CTP application itself. This is a good template from which you can begin to identify the components of a program.

  • Getting Started: This powerpoint has some really important early steps in Inclusive Postsecondary Education program development, including determining campus & community needs, determining benefits, and outcomes.
  • Think College Program Development Webpage: This page has a number of resources to help you get started, including the FAQs.
  • UCF Handbook This will give you a number of ideas in what information is needed to be shared with students and families.
  • Arcadia University CTP example: is attached and will give you more ideas (attached).

Next, I have a few programs that would be good for you to visit or pick up the phone to talk to.  There are 32 programs in NY listed on the Think College Search site.  Programs [A ]and [B] universities are probably the closest in size to your university. 

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