Resource Question of the Month: February 2022

Each month we feature a question received by our Technical Assistance (TA) team. In 2021, the team answered 600 inquiries from parents, teachers, students, administrators, program staff, guidance counselors, and friends. If you have a question about inclusive postsecondary education, email us at

This month’s question came from the parent of a high school student:

Question: My Son attends High school, and we would like to know what resources colleges are available in the Rockville MD area? He is in special needs education and will be graduating this year 2022.

Answer: I am so glad you reached out to Think College. Here is the link for the College Search Pages on our website. Just do a search for Maryland and you will see a list of 15 programs (that we are aware of) that serve students with intellectual disability who could not access college through the SAT/ACT testing pathway and are typically not seeking a degree.

Additionally, I am going to provide you with a kind of starter set of materials to begin regarding identifying the skills needed for college, your son’s interest level, and what his and your goals are for college. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with more questions through

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