Ruby’s Rainbow: Scholarships for Students with Down Syndrome

Ruby’s Rainbow is excited to announce that their 2018 Scholarship Application is NOW OPEN! They are now offering scholarships to students with Down syndrome seeking post-secondary education up to $10,000! Another exciting change is that there is no waiting period for past recipients to apply again. There is a separate RE-APPLY Application for them so they can learn just how much the college experience is impacting the lives of the people they are helping go for their dreams if higher education and independence.

Learn more and apply here:


Ruby’s Rainbow is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and was inspired by a now 7 year old girl named Ruby. At her birth, her family discovered she had an extra special chromosome. Their expectations for her did not change, and they vowed as a family to give her all the opportunities they could to learn, grow, flourish and become an important contributor to society and to the community.

The mission at Ruby’s Rainbow is to grant scholarships to adults with Down syndrome who are seeking post-secondary education, enrichment or vocational classes. It is their goal to create awareness of the capabilities of these amazing individuals and help them achieve their dreams of higher education.

Not only does Ruby’s Rainbow grant scholarships; they also love keeping track of their Rockin’ Recipients throughout their educational programs and beyond. They hope reading about them will inspire others to go for their dreams!  Ruby’s Rainbow believes that life and learning don’t stop after high school, and it shouldn’t for people with Down syndrome either!  They want to help these amazing individuals reach their highest potential. You can learn more about their Rockin’ Recipients here:

They have granted $430,000 in scholarship funds to over 150 people “rockin’ that extra chromosome” going for their college dreams all across the nation!!

Go to to learn more about Ruby’s Rainbow and how to apply or feel free to email with any questions!