Spreading the word about increasing access to CTE for students with ID nationally

Logo for the conference with the text: ACTE’s CareerTech VISION 2022

In order to engage with the field of career and technical education (CTE) and increase awareness of about inclusive postsecondary education, the Inclusive Higher Education CTE Workgroup chair and Think College Inclusive Higher Education Network’s project coordinator submitted a presentation proposal for the Association for Career and Technical Education’s (ACTE’s) CareerTech VISION 2022. According to their website, ACTE is a national association of education professionals dedicated to the advancement of education that prepares youth and adults for successful careers. Members represent all facets of career and technical education.

CareerTech VISIONS 2022 is ACTE's premier annual conference which includes thousands of career and technical educators, business leaders, and industry professionals from around the world. Drs. Andrews and Roberts-Dahm are looking forward to attending and presenting on increasing access to postsecondary CTE opportunities for students with intellectual disability at CareerTech VISION 2022 later this fall. 

They were also invited to submit an article summarizing the content of the presentation for Techniques, ACTE’s print and digital publication, which tells the story of CTE and focuses on improving the understanding of inclusion, access, equity and diversity. You can access the digital version of the article, entitled “Postsecondary CTE for students with intellectual disability,” on the ACTE website.