Student Perspectives on the State of the Art Conference

Photos of Tatum, Ned, and Adriana on campus at Syracuse University

What a fabulous week in Syracuse at the State of the Art Conference on Higher Education and Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities. Adriana Isham, Tatum Jordan, and Ned Pavlak presented as keynotes during the SOTA Conference and attended the Student Leadership Conference (SLC). Here is what they had to say about their experiences:

The hotel was amazing! I really liked seeing the campus, going shopping at the bookstore, and staying up late watching movies with Adriana.  Talking in front of the large audience was different than what I have done before.  I want to keep working on the Put Yourself on the Map project and take another trip with Adriana!

I really liked meeting all the fun people at the conference and traveling with Maria, Ty, Ned and Tatum. We made 2 new friends from Canada and we hung out with them at Karaoke too. I would really like to do this again and make more videos!

Practicing our presentation, the night before in the hotel, was really was helpful. During the presentation, I had my notes but I knew what I wanted to say. My favorite workshop at the SLC was the creative writing one. I enjoyed being a mentor to some of the students at the SLC.  I would like to do more research on what is in store for graduates.

Tatum, Adriana, and Ned co-presented with Maria Paiewonsky and Ty Hanson from Think College Transition. They were student researchers on the Put Yourself on the Map project. To find out more, visit the Think College Transition project page on this website.