Student Support for College Success: Grab and Go Practices Series

For educational coaches, training is often hard to schedule in their very busy calendars. Coaches’ work is often frenetic, as they move quickly around campus with one or more students, helping the students to acclimate to typical college schedules.

There is a lot to learn regarding the best ways to support students at college, but for coaches, opportunities for learning are limited to short windows of time when students are in class, at lunch, or hanging with friends. One coach summed it up this way: “What we really need is quick, easy-to-read grab-and-go fact sheets we can read while we’re working.” 

Voila! The Grab and Go Practices Series was born. These quick-to-read fact sheets give educational coaches and other dual enrollment staff information they need to support students as they need it. The topics addressed are ones that educational coaches themselves identified.