Students: Would you like to write a book chapter?

college campus with students sitting on lawn

Do you want to share about what college is like for you? Professors Beth Myers and Mike Gill from Syracuse University are writing a book about the experiences of students in inclusive college programs. They are looking for college students to share about their lives. All of the chapters of the book will be written by college students in inclusive programs.

They are accepting writing, poetry, art, videos, blogs, photos, and more, all about college and inclusion. Students are welcome to write with friends, mentors, professors, staff, family, or others about their experiences. Students can write about things that are great, things that are hard, getting ready for college, academic classes, living, relationships, extracurricular activities, and more. The world wants to know what college is REALLY like for you!

Beth and Mike will also have a website that goes with the book so that electronic items can be shown. The book is under contract with the University of Minnesota Press. If you have an idea for a chapter or you want to ask a question about being an author, send an email to:  You can also send submissions to that address and Beth and Mike will consider them for the book or website.