The Think College team is heading to Milwaukee for DCDT!

Don’t miss Think College team members at the Division on Career Development and Transition (DCDT) 2017 International Conference in Milwaukee this week! The theme of the conference is “Revving Up for Transition.” Our team will present sessions from three Think College projects. From the National Coordinating Center, Meg Grigal, Debra Hart, and Clare Papay will give an update on students with intellectual disability attending TPSID programs at their session “A Brighter Future: A National Picture of Inclusive Higher Education for Students with Intellectual Disability” (Friday 10:30). Meg and Debra will also present strategies for developing inclusive opportunities in their session, “Inclusion Matters: Why and how to create authentic college experiences for students with intellectual disability” (Thursday 2:45). Clare and Meg will give practical strategies for transition professionals to support students with intellectual disability in locating college opportunities in their session “The College Search: How Transition Professionals Can Help Students with Intellectual Disability Find the Right College” (Friday 1:30). From the Think College Transition project, Maria Paiewonsky and Carole Carlson will present “Does an inclusive college community make a difference? Applying collaborative inquiry and inclusive research towards improving outcomes for college students with intellectual disabilities” (Thursday 2:45). Carole will also present “Customized employment for transition-aged youth: An action research project” (Thursday 11:15). Finally, from the Transition Leadership Program, Maria will present “Enhancing the practicum experience for transition specialist scholars: Field supervision, support from state and national mentors & interagency transition team development” (Friday 1:30). If you are at the conference, stop by our sessions or our table in the exhibit hall to say hello!