The Year 5 TPSID Annual Report is now available!

Front page of Annual Report of Cohort 2 TPSID Model Demonstrations Projects (2019-2020), features black male college student wearing Cincinnati shirt

The National Coordinating Center’s Evaluation Team is thrilled to share the Annual Report of the Cohort 2 TPSID Model Demonstration Projects (Year 5, 2019-2020). This report summarizes data from the final year of the Cohort 2 model demonstration projects, including data on both programs and students. Program data reflect program characteristics, academic access, supports for students, integration of the program within the institute of higher education, and strategic partnerships during the fifth year of FY 2016–2020 funding. Student data reflect study demographics, course enrollments, employment activities, and engagement in student life. The report provides trends over time as well as descriptive data on the students who exited TPSID programs during 2019–2020.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic began during this academic year, the report also provides data on the impact of campus-related closures on the experiences of students at TPSID programs. Overall, academic experiences continued remotely, but a substantial impact was seen on the work-based learning and employment experiences of students at TPSID programs during the 2019-2020 academic year. 

There is also an Executive Summary of the Year 5 report available. 

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