Think College has a new blog!

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We are happy to announce Inside Think College, the new blog from the Think College team. In this blog, we will have the opportunity to share personal perspectives on inclusive higher education from our staff and allies, like Meg Grigal did in our inaugural post, Building on a Decade of Progress. Cate Weir will share some “ah-ha” moments she’s had when working with colleges to get new programs started and Clare Papay can share what it was like to start the REAL Certificate program at Arcadia University. The blog will give us a place to share and reflect on the work we’re doing, as well as what’s going on in the field of inclusive higher education.

We’re excited to highlight the experiences and perspectives of Maria Paiewonsky, Ty Hanson, and Nancy Hurley, staff at Think College who work on all of our transition-related projects. They may speak to the importance of early, rigorous transition planning, college-based transition services, and the leadership training program at UMass Boston. Lori Cooney, project coordinator for the game-based curriculum Future Quest Island Explorations and our Universal Design for Learning specialist, can share ALL about technology use and UDL and also the really interesting work on inclusion she does outside of her day job. Our favorite graduate assistant may also be inspired to share a bit about how his graduate research aligns in interesting ways with what we’re doing at Think College NCC.

We will invite some our closest partners to contribute to the blog, too. Staff from Association on University Centers on Disability (AUCD) are well-positioned to provide the inside scoop on what’s going on in Washington and give guidance on how to make meaningful connections with local and state representatives. Leaders at the Association of Higher Education and Disability will highlight the intersection and complementary relationships between their work and ours.

So, we invite you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, subscribe to our newsletter, and bookmark our home page to read the latest posts on Inside Think College.