Think College Heads to Elementary School!

Logo for Future Quest Island

Think College at the Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI) at the University of Massachusetts Boston is excited to announce it has been awarded a $2.5 million dollar Stepping Up Technology Implementation Grant from the US Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs. The project will fund the development of Future Quest Island - Explorations: Advancing College and Career Awareness for Elementary Students with and without Disability. Project staff from the ICI (Debra Hart, PI; Meg Grigal, Co-PI; and Lori Cooney, Project Coordinator) will work with partners at FableVision Studios and Education Development Center, Inc. to develop, implement, and evaluate Future Quest Island-Explorations (FQI-E).

This online curriculum will use an evidenced-based “Possible Selves” framework to support improved self-concept, and social and emotional competence and early college and career awareness for elementary students with and without disabilities. FQI-E will be universally designed and responsive to the diverse learning needs of students with a wide arrange of disabilities and will include key accessibility features (i.e., text-to-speech, graphic organizers, image response) embedded throughout the website to meet needs of learners. The FQI-E curriculum and digital teaching toolkit will better prepare elementary students for subsequent self-discovery, and career and college exploration activities.

FQI-E will be expanding on the current Future Quest Island program which promotes college and career readiness, self-determination and social-emotional skills for middle school students with and without disabilities in high-needs districts in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.