Think College Research and Evaluation Products

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The Think College Resource Library houses hundreds of resources across a wide range of topics related to postsecondary education for people with intellectual disability. The resource library is a great place to browse resources by topic, project, media or publication type. While Think College research and data-focused products are included in the library, now it is even easier to find them along with supplemental resources. Think College has launched a central landing page for easy access to research and evaluation publications and products, which include some of the most commonly requested data and reports. On this page you can find TPSID annual reports, quantitative and qualitative research articles, Think College project reports, recent presentations, and data summaries.



TPSID Annual Reports

Each year program and student data from each funded TPSID grantee and satellite site is compiled into a summary report. Easily access the most recent annual report, download graphics to use for your own presentations, and browse annual reports from previous years all in one place.

Research Articles

The National Coordinating Center and other Think College projects conduct research and evaluation activities, often published as research briefs or peer-reviewed publications. Links to published research are centrally located on the page and can be sorted by research using TPSID data, qualitative research or related research articles.

Think College Reports

For researchers, practitioners and policymakers interested in descriptive data focusing on specific elements of practice and presented in narrative or graphic form, take a look at Think College Reports. These reports offer data related to transition, employment and higher education for people with intellectual disability.

Data Summaries

Are you looking for a few pages of data focused on a specific topic? Here you can find data summaries presented in short, focused formats through Fast Facts and Snapshots. These products offer summaries of data across a wide range of topics and are sometimes supplementary to more detailed reports such as Think College reports or TPSID annual reports.

Recent Presentations

Have you attended a conference, webinar or presentation and wished you had access to the slides or materials afterward? Now you can find slides and materials from Think College presentations on research and data findings.