Think College Supports Strategic Planning and Program Development

Think College Strategic Capacity Building. Vision - Action - Results

Think College is currently working in eight states to support state-level planning to support the development of postsecondary education options. Nebraska, Idaho, Michigan, California, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Kentucky, and Missouri are all receiving targeted technical assistance and support from Think College Staff. Key partners in each of these states, including departments of education, K-12 educators and transition specialists, colleges and universities, Vocational Rehabilitation and adult community services are meeting and planning together to address potential barriers and to generate support and interest among postsecondary education institutions in their states.

So far this year, Think College staff have presented at day long planning retreats in Connecticut, Idaho and Nebraska, with plans to work in Kentucky and Michigan this Spring. At each event, a committed group of interested stakeholders learned about promising practices in inclusive postsecondary education program development and worked together to identify opportunities and address barriers to the creation of new postsecondary education opportunities.

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