Upcoming Webinar: College & Career Learning

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College has the potential to be an opportunity for enormous growth in the lives of all students. How can college programs for students with intellectual disability promote this growth? By supporting students to set and work toward meaningful college and career goals and gain related experiences.

On November 10, Dr. Katey Burke will introduce webinar participants to the College and Career Learning Model (CCLM). CCLM is a framework that enables students and those who support them to intentionally plan for and strengthen college and career abilities, gain related experiences in the campus community, and track progress – all without taking separate or specialized courses.

By the end of the session, participants will be able to:
• describe the College and Career Learning Model and its five components
• detail people and resources involved in supporting students to use the CCLM
• understand how to apply the CCLM to their own lives or practice

Dr. Burke is an assistant professor of research in the Department of Teaching and Learning and senior research associate at the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University. She serves as the faculty advisor for Leadership and Career Studies, an inclusive a postsecondary education initiative for students with intellectual disabilities. She received her PhD from the University of Kansas in Special Education. Dr. Burke’s research focuses on promoting self-determination across the lifespan for people with disabilities.

The webinar will take place November 10, 2022, from 2-3pm ET. Click here to register.