Updated CTP Learning Module

Comprehensive transition postsecondary (CTP) program is a designation sought by college programs for students with intellectual disability who wish to offer access to federal financial aid to its students.  At Think College, we support college programs to earn this designation as it is a critical component of making college attendance more affordable for students and families.  To this end, we have offered an online module designed to help college programs complete a high-quality application to be approved as a CTP program on our website for several years. 

Access the CTP module here

Given the importance of the topic and the frequency with which it is used by college programs across the country, we decided to start with this as the first module to be updated as we move our online learning to a new platform.  We updated the content, using our new online learning platform and updated several of the resources included.  While the steps involved in submitting an application have not changed, we think this new platform with its intuitive design and interactivity will be make this learning module easier (and more fun!) to use.

We are proud to say that this redesigned CTP module is a collaborative effort of two Think College projects. Both the National Coordinating Center and the recently funded Inclusive Higher Education Network assisted in this work and offer it as an example of the work they will be doing together.  Watch our website for more of our modules to be redesigned and for new modules to be developed.

Curious about what the term Comprehensive Transition Program means, or how and why a college program can earn this designation? Watch this archived presentation by Clare Papay & Cate Weir to learn more.