Program Accreditation

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Program Accreditation Resources for TPSID Projects

This page shares resources to assist TPSID programs to familiarize themselves with Program Accreditation Standards.  The standards were finalized in 2020, and there is currently work being conducted to develop an accreditation process and to determine how that process will be implemented with college programs for students with intellectual disability.

Currently, there is no formal process by which college programs for students with ID can become accredited.  While that process is being developed and implemented, we offer TPSID projects some tools that they can use to become familiar with Program Accreditation Standards and begin to explore the evidence collection process that is likely to be required as part of any formal accreditation process.

To that end, the National Coordinating Center has developed these tools:

1. Pre-Accreditation Self Assessment

This document lists all 10 Standard Areas and the associated standards - there are total of 38 standards across the 10 areas.  It can be used as a basis of discussion to begin to consider where your program is relative to meeting each standard.  It is meant to be a surface level review to familiarize yourself with the standards and learn what the expectations of a formal accreditation process will be.

2. Evidence Checklist

This spreadsheet has a tab for each Standard area and lists a checklist of evidence that may be expected to prove that each standard is being met.  


3. A system for organizing your evidence collection


We have created an organizing structure that you can use to collect evidence.  It includes a folder for each standard area, with subfolders for every standard in that area. along with a document with the Standard, guidance and required for review.  


Instructions:  Download the folder structure to your computer.  Upload to your location of choice, e.g.  OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox or work with it on your own computer.